Snow on the Granite Belt July 2015

Snow on the Granite Belt


It was a frosty white morning on Friday (17th of July 2015) as a heavy blanket of snow covered the region. The last major snow event of this magnitude was in 1984. But in the years between there has been some light snow every seven or so years. Even one snow storm in November a most unusual day. The Granite Belt has a unique climate with frosty winter mornings and mild summers with sunny and colourful autumns. As a comparison take a look at Bordeaux and Margaret River compared to the Granite Belt in temperatures below.

  Temperature                               Average Maximum         Average Minimum

Mid Summer(Jan/July)  

Bordeaux                                          26.9                               15.8

Margaret River                                  26.1                               15.3

Granite Belt                                       26.8                               15.2

Early Autumn (March/September)

Bordeaux                                          24                                  12.9                          

Margaret River                                 25.5                                  15.5

Granite Belt                                       24                                    13.2