Snow on the Granite Belt July 2015 July 18 2015

Snow on the Granite Belt


It was a frosty white morning on Friday (17th of July 2015) as a heavy blanket of snow covered the region. The last major snow event of this magnitude was in 1984. But in the years between there has been some light snow every seven or so years. Even one snow storm in November a most unusual day. The Granite Belt has a unique climate with frosty winter mornings and mild summers with sunny and colourful autumns. As a comparison take a look at Bordeaux and Margaret River compared to the Granite Belt in temperatures below.

  Temperature                               Average Maximum         Average Minimum

Mid Summer(Jan/July)  

Bordeaux                                          26.9                               15.8

Margaret River                                  26.1                               15.3

Granite Belt                                       26.8                               15.2

Early Autumn (March/September)

Bordeaux                                          24                                  12.9                          

Margaret River                                 25.5                                  15.5

Granite Belt                                       24                                    13.2

Chardonnay Finished Fermentation April 19 2015

After whole bunch pressing the chardonnay this year we then proceeded to ferment the wine three ways. One like chablis with no oak on lees in tank, another like burgundy on oak. And a third batch of heavier pressings.

The pressings and burgundy style batches have been fermented without yeast addition while the chablis batch was inoculated with a french isolate yeast.

The three styles should give some fun options when blending in the next few months. We should have the wine ready in July. cheers

Qld Wine Pioneers Awarded February 20 2011

The first ever couple awarded for their outstanding contribution to the Queensland Wine Industry recently at the Brisbane RNA Wine Show were John and Heather Robinson from Robinsons Family Vineyards. Usually this award is given to one individual but Heather and John have worked as a team for over 36 years establishing their winery on the Granite Belt.

They were pioneers of the Queensland Wine Industry when they introduced wine grape varieties into the state in 1969 and planted their vineyard at Ballandean. They chose the granite belt region for the sole purpose of making premium wine. John always had a love for wine; he worked in France, and Heather shared his passion because it was in her blood. (Her family established Saltram’s in the Barossa Valley.)

John and Heather have always been passionate about growing wine grapes on the Granite Belt of Southern Queensland. They took this passion to the public when they opened the first satellite cellar door in Queensland underneath their home in Toowoomba. This made the wine easily accessible to the public and soon Heather began wholesaling their wines throughout the state. John also helped with the wine industry legislation in the early days due to his law background, helping to form the Queensland Wine Industry Association.

Gold Medal winners with the first red wine they ever made, Robinsons Family have achieved success in national wine shows for now over 30 years. Sparkling wine was first made at Robinsons Family Vineyard in 1988 and they were awarded for their efforts when they won the Trophy for The Best Sparkling Wine at Griffith Wine Show. John was also one of the first barrel fermented Chardonnay makers in Australia in the early 70’s and their Chardonnay wines have always been multi-award winners.